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Indirect Water Heaters

Indirect Water Heaters

What is an Indirect Water Heater?

Indirect Water Heaters can be installed where there is a Hot Water Boiler System in use. The boiler would be used to heat the water instead of the water heater having its own heat source. This can be an advantage for several reasons:

Save Money

Standard water heaters are typically 75-80% efficient if they are gas-fired. If they are electric, they are even more expensive to operate. On the other hand, most gas-fired boilers are at least 80% efficient. Since the water in the Indirect Water Heater is heated by the boiler water, the efficiency of the water heater will match the efficiency of the boiler. If you have invested in a high-efficiency boiler, why not take advantage of that added efficiency and reduce your domestic water heating bills at the same time.

No Restricting Water Flow

Since the Indirect Water Heater is a tank-type water heater, you will not have to worry about the restricted water flow that is a drawback of the Tankless Water Heaters.

An Incredible Recovery Rate

Electric Water Heaters and other Gas-Fired Water Heaters have lower heating outputs. That means less hot water production per hour. Since boilers have a lot higher output than standard water heaters, the water in the Indirect Water Heater is heated more quickly, giving a nearly endless supply of hot water.

We don’t recommend that you try this test once your new Indirect Water Heater is installed, but if you really wanted to you could do it. Before you go to bed, turn on the shower using pure hot water – don’t mix it by turning on the cold water. Then, when you get up in the morning, with the hot water still running, turn on some cold water to get the right temperature. Step into the shower and enjoy a very comfortable shower, no matter how hot you like your shower.

With an Indirect Water Heater running off your boiler, this is possible.

Low Heat Loss

With 2 inch thick, environmentally safe foam insulation, the Indirect Water Heater only loses ½ degree per hour of water temperature in standby mode. It will also recover more quickly without that heat loss.

Only One System to Maintain

With an Indirect Water Heater, you only have to maintain one heating source – Your Boiler. The Water Heater has no mechanical parts to fail. It is only a tank with a hot water coil inside of it. There are no extra burners, no exhaust piping, no electric elements, and no extra anything to maintain, clean or repair. Just maintain your boiler and you will have a great source of hot water.

Outstanding Warranties

Because the Indirect Water Heaters that we use have Stainless Steel Tanks, the warrantees are the best in the industry. This means that you will not be buying a new water heater every 8-10 years. You should only buy one and have it last the rest of your life.

Professionally Installed

Your new heater will operate more reliably and more efficiently when installed by AquaStar Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We only hire skilled professionals. You can rest assured that you have the best installation available.

100% Satisfaction Guaranty

You will find it a rewarding experience to receive the highest level of service available. At AquaStar Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, our family-owned company benefits from four generations and over 95-years’ experience in the plumbing industry.

Call us today to discuss energy saving hot water heating. We are AquaStar Plumbing, Heating & Cooling; serving Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Milan, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, and the Southeastern Michigan Area.

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